Posted by: Diane Curran | March 7, 2010

He’s my vampire!

Okay, I’m stepping beyond the boundaries of Young Adult here, but recent events force me to issue a warning to Miss Natalie.

Hands off Eric, he’s mine!

You see Nat has just inhaled the Sookie Stackhouse series and has been checking out Eric Northman on You Tube. But I’ve been admiring Eric long before.  In fact, Eric is my Social Secretary, his naked torso is the front of my 2010 diary.

And Eric gave me a kiss on New Year’s Eve on Twitter.

One cannot appreciate the awesomeness that is Eric Northman by just watching You Tube clips.

I think it’s time to put Series One on again. And hang out for Season 2 on DVD (which I’ve seen, but wish to own)

Ahh, Eric!


  1. Hmm, methinks that’s a throwdown challenge right there Di! Righto.
    I did inhale the Sookie Stackhouse series in 3 days, 9 books, not bad going I must say. It’s not YA at all. Infact I had to skip a couple of paragraphs of detail as I was reading. But I did enjoy them. Different type of writing, liked the 1st POV, and the folksy description, but the constant replay was a bit irking.
    I’ve tried to think of a YA writer who does similar work (without all the sex) but can’t recall one. Anyone got any ideas?

  2. But Charlaine Harris is just so inhalable… her writing, not the woman herself. That would be a bit high on the Ickoscale. Plus, inhaling her might stop her from future writings and I really do not want to do that.

    What about the ‘vampire diaries’ series? As I recall, they are more about angst than actual sex. But I could be wrong as I tend to be an unreliable narrator to my own reading past.

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