Posted by: Natalie Hatch | March 8, 2010

So Over Vampires?

Do you think the YA market is saturated with Vampires at the moment? I mean we have Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Twilight, Hourglass, House of Night, Van Alen Legacy, How to Date a Vampire, Jessica’s Guide…. and the list goes on and on.

Are you over vampires yet? I know Di’s not, but the rest of us? Hmm, and just when you thought vamps were done, along comes Zombies. Yep the undead are rising, we have Forest of Hands and Teeth, Generation Dead, Zombie Queen of Newbury High (little wave to Amanda), Soulless, Never Slow Dance with a Zombie, and more.

And then there’s the category of fallen angels: Fallen, Hush Hush, Coffee House Angel, and there are a few more coming out very soon.

Faeries: Wicked Lovely, Tithe, Knife, Wonderous Strange, and so on.

So we can safely say that paranormal Young Adult books will still be on the shelf and selling well for a little while longer. But why? What is it about these creatures that teens love? Is it the mythical quality? They couldn’t possibly be real so it’s okay to read and fantasize about them?

Is it their other worldliness that attracts us? The power and passion that crafts them into best sellers?

I forgot werewolves, many books nowadays on werewolves including Beautiful Creatures, Never Cry Werewolf, etc.

Is paranormal YA on the way out? Every other ‘expert’ is saying yes, and yet the demand for them is still high.

Do you read paranormal YA? Why do you like it?


  1. You left out the ghosts.

    Didn’t you have a fascination with the death when you were a teen? I certainly did. Couldn’t read enough of near-death experiences, theories of the afterlife and don’t forget Sylvia Plath.

    While I’m not over vampires yet, I’m not rushing out to buy every vampire book on the shelf. Something has to set it apart.

  2. Heheh – thanks for the shout out!!!!

    Paranormals are still majorly hot at the library where I work – which is perfect for me since I pretty much spend my whole day talking ya books to teen girls (and boys!!!!!).

    But saying that, most of them seem just as happy to read non-paranormals at the same time, so really the advantage of having so many paras out there right now is that there is a bigger and better selection!

  3. And I think anything that encourages teens to read is a good thing.

  4. I’m not into vampires. I have read part of Dracula and liked it but that’s about it. The ballet version was cool.
    Haven’t read or watched any zombies. I was supposed to for policy debate to understand the capitalism kritique but never did. Not my interest.

    Are fairies paranormal? Interesting. I would have characterized them as part of general fantasy but I’m guessing they can be in both. I bet the Good Fairies of New York that I’m going to read would be more urban than generic fantasy.

    I prefer elves, witches and mages. Always have and might always prefer them.

  5. So who says paranormal is on the way out? I want to know and ask them precisely WHEN this phenomenon is due to occur because I have a book that is NOT paranormal currently doing the rounds of publishers. I’ve had it rejected three times so far although they love it, think it’s a great read and laugh out loud funny and have passed it around the office – all three have said it doesn’t fit with their current list. In a despondent moment I asked my agent what she thought the problem with it might be and her reply was ‘probably because it doesn’t contain any vampires, werewolves or other supernatural beings that haven’t been invented yet.’
    So okay- where does it say that paranormal is on the way out? Cos I want to add it to my next pitch!

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