Posted by: stephbowe | March 13, 2010

Tell us about what you’re writing!

Whether it’s a novel, a memoir, an essay, a song, a poem. What’s it about? What inspired it? How are you finding the writing process? Are you going to try and get it published? Are you afraid of sharing your work with others, or are you an old hand at this? Share the first line, or a little blurb, or the best/worst part of the writing process so far.

The writing process of published authors seems like this mystical, magical thing (the phrase ‘writing process’ is totally to blame for this. I mean, come on. That’s like calling being alive the ‘life process’), but I’m reasonably informed it isn’t. I’m still plagued by the same self doubt. It’s still just writing down a whole bunch of words, then, later, trying to rearrange them in order for them to make sense. Which they refuse to do, stubborn words they are. Writing is the same painful/wonderful experience regardless of whether or not your writing has yet been recognised by other people. Your words are just as important as mine, or as Stephenie Meyer’s, or as God’s if God decided to take up creative writing and wrote sparkly vampire fan fiction.

So your writing is as important as every other writer and as fabulous as a Mardi Gras parade. Just letting you know. I can see a lot of life in you. Now, tell me about what you’re writing! (Seriously. Do it.)

Steph Bowe



  1. Yo, Steph!
    I’m writing an essay on Species.
    (It’s for uni, okay. Whatever).

    Basically, I haven’t started it yet, just researched the topic.

    Yeah, I’m bored.

  2. I have two different mutant books in the works.

    The book with teenage characters is in the first rewrite stage and follows a mutant teen named Ephram. He is used by the men in suits as a tattle, telling them whenever he sees someone who shows any signs of a mutation. That is, until he gets a new friend who has a major secret.

    The other book is in its first draft and I’ve written about 30k of it this month alone. Noah, the main character, is college age and dealing with his orientation as well as his mutations. His family is connected to a government agency he refuses to join. The biggest fear he has is of himself, and that he’ll become a weapon.

  3. So, what am I writing?
    I’m writing a YA novel (currently titled Darkest Nights), here’s the blurb:

    Three months ago, Cora had a dream. One where a car crash took place.
    Only it wasn’t just a random crash. Because she knew that car perfectly. And she saw who were on it. She just thought it had only been a nightmare. But when a few days later, her friend Kaitlyn died in that exact same car crash, Cora can’t help but to think it was all her fault.

    Now, after only dreaming lottery results and other insignificant things, Cora begins to have stranger dreams. Murders, rapings, robberies… But what’s she supposed to do? Go to the police and tell them she’s dreamt someone would get killed? She’d be sent to the psychiatric ward before she knew it.

    So she chooses to stay away from what her dreams show her.
    That is until she meets Ben, and a strange sensation flows through her veins.
    And she begins to have dreams about him. And those dreams don’t have a fairy tale ending.
    Cora must decide if she trusts Ben, and discover the relation between him and her dreams.

    But will she survive while looking for these answers?

    I’m working with a Beta right now, trying to finish it. I don’t want to publish it for the time being. Maybe in a few years, if I feel it’s ready.

  4. 16 yr old Anisa wins a week long getaway at a ski resort for herself and three friends in a radio contest. It’s sucks to be her because she’s Somali that means there’s is no way she’s going off with a bunch of kids to some place her parents never heard of. Naya (eng. girl) did you seriously think they’d say yes. Somehow she convinces them to let her go she’s there with her sister cousin and best friend and get this NO HOYO OR ABO (eng. mom or dad) . Now normally i’d say Somali’s and snowboards don’t mix but little Anisa makes me want to rethink that. With the help of her snowboarding instructor she’s improving. Too bad he’s got a paranoid girlfriend whose trying to make Anisa’s march break miserable.

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