Posted by: Diane Curran | March 21, 2010

PJ party…

Remember the slumber parties from teenage years and even younger?  Hanging out in your PJ’s with your best buddies, watching sappy movies, playing truth or dare, gossiping about all the hot boys at school, pillow fighting, staying up all night even though your mother popped her head around the door to tell you to quieten down and turn off the lights, whispering in the dark.

The slumber party scene from Grease pops into my head immediately.  Sandy’s desperate attempts to fit in, Rizzo mocking her by singing ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee.”

There’s a lot of excitement amongst the girls of We Love YA.  The Romance Writers of Australia conference program is out and many of us will have the opportunity to meet up.  In fact our very own Amanda Ashby and Sara Hantz are giving a workshop: Why Write YA?

And Kiki and I are throwing a Pyjama party at the conference so all the YA girls can meet, hang out and have fun.  Can’t wait.

What do you remember about slumber parties?


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