Posted by: Natalie Hatch | March 29, 2010

Book Review: The Limping Man by Maurice Gee

“Hana ran through the broken streets of Blood Burrow. The smell of burning followed, sliding into her mouth as she gulped for air. It was as damp as toads. she would never wash herself free of it, and never stop hearing the women scream or wipe out the memory of the Limping Man.”

The Limping Man is the final book in the Salt Trilogy by fabulous New Zealand writer Maurice Gee. Can I tell you that it scared me? Well yes, everyone knows I’m a woose at the best of times, but seriously, Maurice Gee is good at keeping you on the edge of your seat. Definite page turner.

Maurice rounds up the stories of Pearl and Hari from the first book, as well as adds to it with Hawk and Hana’s story. While there’s not a true happy go lucky reprise at the end for all the characters, it does leave you with a sense of finality, which other trilogies lack.

All up I did enjoy the Salt Trilogy, although it’s not my usual genre (fantasy with a dash of horror). Highly recommend to teens 13+.

The Limping Man is published by Text Publishing and available from booksellers around Australia and New Zealand.



  1. I loved these books even though i thought i wouldnt.
    It pulls you on and on and when you think ill stop reading tomorrow you cant it just keeps replaying like a movie in your mind till you complete it and be satisfied…. would recommend to people who love adventure with a bit of love and horror

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