Posted by: Ellie Royce | April 8, 2010

Happy Blogday

Happy first anniversary We Love YA! I’m sorry if I’m jumping into someone else’s day here but I’ve been ‘off the air’- not emotionally but technologically for quite a while now. No net! It’s been so hard to use a computer at work and not  snnnneak a peeek (Okay- if my boss reads this I’m telling the truth- just a couple of tiny non-work related peeks, I promise!) It’s been an interesting experiment, especially since I’ve been working on a sequel synposis.

However- I’m now back online and would like to say congrats to the YA girls, who have all been working much harder and longer on this site than I have, on a great blog. Interviews and reviews are fantastic. I’d like to offer as pressies 3 sets of the Letterbooks 1 and 2 ‘Amy’s Secret’ and ‘Passion For Fashion’.(Which I wrote, in case you’re wondering where I got them! )

They aren’t strictly YA because they’re aimed more at middle grade readers (8-13) BUT- they’re free to the first 3 people who email me at    powzap_2000_at_yahoo_._com (take away the underscores and use the @ instead of at for the address) with an address to post to. It’ll save you a trip to the shops for your daughter, niece, next door neighbour’s next present! If you want to see what they’re about first- check out my website- ellieroycedotcom

My FAVE book of the year after very long and careful consideration is “The Gates of Hell Are About To Open- Mind The Gap” by John Connelly. Anyone who loves Douglas Adams, please read. It’s entirely delightful. I know there have been lot’s of fantastic others as well, but this one was pure fun and joy to read.

Here’s to another year of YA books and blog. Hip Hip….



  1. Hooray, Ellie! I can personally vouch for how fabulous your Letterbook series is.

    Thanks for the book recommendation. The title alone is enough for me to pick it up!

  2. Oh Ta Vanessa. Lovely to get feedback, especially positive- sometimes it feels as though you’re nothing to do with the book when it’s actually been published… people say “Hows it all going ?” and you have to say “Well, I think it’s okay because I haven’t actually heard anything but….” and yes, please do read my recco- it’s an absolute hoot.

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