Posted by: Natalie Hatch | April 26, 2010

Best Ever BreakUp Songs

What are the Top 5 breakup songs? Well here are some that might just help you deal with the inevitable heartbreak.

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To You…

this song came out exactly fifteen days after a guy dumped me on my birthday because he thought he was getting too serious over me. Oh come on! As if! Turkeyhead. So I cried my little eyes out and then went and moved on fairly quickly, my parents were more than happy. (I learned a valuable lesson – if my Dad didn’t like a guy 99% of the time he was right on the money!)

J.Geils Band – Love Stinks!

Awesome, ultimate song!

Evanescene – Call Me When You’re Sober  

Enough said!

Taylor Swift – Picture to Burn

Yep teen angst  rocks!

And finally, of course, it’s not a break up without these boys on your team: The Angels – Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again…


  1. Wow, getting dropped on your birthday–that’s pretty harsh! Sounds like he wasn’t worth your time anyway.

  2. I know Vanessa, completely sucked but he did me a favour of which now I’m grateful. Growing up is hard sometimes.

  3. Oh The Angels classic!! – The part that’s sung by the audience is the best part ;))

  4. I know it’s not really a breaking up song, I think it’s about a one night stand, but it does have a catchy tune.

  5. And how’s about “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette? Can’t count the number of times I’ve played that one after a breakup!

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