Posted by: Diane Curran | May 17, 2010

Writing retreat

This weekend I died and went to heaven.

Well, not quite — but I did visit a place that was almost Paradise – Falls Forest Retreat.

At the base of Middle Brother, in John’s River, NSW, members of our writers group gathered to write, create, eat, drink and bond.  With no internet access, I had truly retreated from the real world, and there was nothing to do but enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, the fabulous food prepared by Lisa and Roby, and the great company.  Oh, and write, and brainstorm. But I didn’t get to the collage.

Jacko the wallaby kept an eye on the influx of humans.

And it was only a short walk to the waterfall.

Our weekend was unstructured so we were free to wander off, find a tree to write under…

or find a like-minded soul to talk about writing.

We wrote, we talked, we laughed.

And on Saturday night, author and botanist and owner of the retreat, Mary White, came and told us her story and the history of the retreat. (2nd from the left)

It was a fabulous weekend and over far too soon.

Sigh…back to reality tomorrow.



  1. That sounds just dreamy. If only every week could include a weekend retreat like that!

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