Posted by: Diane Curran | September 5, 2010

First comes the happy dance…then comes the hard work

Firstly I apologise for my absence from We Love YA.  I’ve moved house to start my gorgeous new life but my USB modem didn’t like the new location and I had to wait for Telstra to do their thing and get me on phone and online.

But I’m back….and we have stuff to celebrate!

Firstly, Miss Steph Bowe’s debut novel was released during the week – Girl Saves Boy – and I’m hoping she will pop back in at some time to talk about her experience.  I’ll be hunting down a copy very soon.

Steph has also being doing the promotional rounds, including an articulate appearance on The Circle and popping up at Melbourne Writers Festival and Brisbane Writers Festival.

Miss Natalie Hatch just won the CYA Young Adult section and has a request for a full manuscript as a result.  Much happy dancing from Nat last night when she returned home from CYA…now she has to knuckle down and make the ms as good as it can be.

And in between all the moving and cleaning and redesigning my life, I went to the RWAus conference in Coogee and pitched Beyond Happily Ever After to both a publisher and an agent.  The publisher wants to see a full ms and the agent wants to see a partial.  More happy dancing….then let the work begin.

Sadly for my day job when I returned after 4 weeks of leave filled with moving, conferencing and cleaning and had only spent one day at home, I immediately requested a week’s leave in the near future to knock my ms into shape. Lucky I have an understanding boss and I made my request entirely flexible…so I now have a week booked from 13 Sep to act like writing is my day job.

But with much happy dancing and lots of hard work, Nat and I hope to be posting our own book covers here in the future!

PS: Vanessa Barneveld has decided to leave the We Love YA gang. We will miss her and wish her a shiny new book cover in the near future also.


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