Posted by: Debbie Kahl | September 30, 2010

Find Your Tribe by Rebecca Sparrow

“An insightful book that is inspiring, uplifting, motivating and really funny! Packed with common sense tools to get through those tricky teenage years.” Sarah Murdoch

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Debbie Kahl and I will be appearing on here from time to time as a guest blogger. Yes, I know, I’m as surprised as you are. Who am I you ask and more importantly, what on earth am I doing here? Well, I’m not really sure. I was asked to blog on We love YA, and now I am. I think the more burning question is what could I possibly know about YA? Well, I’m a YA and children’s writer when I’m not working at my day job, as a high school English teacher, and I’ve been blogging for a while now on my own website. You’re welcome to visit if you like at and find out more, but that’s enough about me blabbing on about myself for this page. After all, you’re not here to read about me, you’re here to read YA and have I got a great book for you.

The YA book I’m here to discuss with you today is the awesome Find Your Tribe by Rebecca Sparrow. What you’ll discover as I write more often, is my passion for realistic & relevant YA that deals with issues for teenage girls. And this book is – to quote – ‘The little black book of information that every teenage girl should read’.

Ten chapters of honest, compelling and factual things all teenage girls should know in high school – and what those of us who’ve been there & done that, wish we’d known in high school.

Rebecca (and a host of celebrities whose inspirational quotes pop up regularly throughout the book) covers issues such as; Find your tribe, Learn to bounce back, Not even Miranda Kerr always looks like Miranda Kerr, Binge Drinking can make you look really stupid and Love is meant to feel great! Each chapter is written in true Rebecca style; funny, honest, empowering and factual, which lets face it is all teenagers are looking for (well most of the time). To me, it was like reading a thicker version of Dolly or Girlfriend magazine, and this is definitely part of its appeal.  

In fact, I’ve recommended this book to some girls at my school (when they were going to see her at the Brisbane Writers Festival) and I bought my 14 year old niece a copy, and all who have read it have loved it! Between this & Kaz Cooke’s Girl Stuff, I think every teen question is completely covered now, but they’re both great conversation starters for teen girls to have ‘those discussions’ with their mum/aunt/gran/older sisters/friends etc.

So there you have it, I highly recommend it – and anything Rebecca Sparrow writes – as a great book to lose yourself in. Run out right now and find yourself a copy. 🙂

More information on Rebecca Sparrow can be found at:




  1. i love rebecca sparrow and am so pleased she’s written something like this for Australian teens. My daughter’s too young (6 years) but I’m planning on getting a copy for my niece for christmas 🙂

    also, nice to meet you and off to check out your blog 🙂

  2. Hey Deb, great post, I hadn’t read this one, although I do like Michael Carr-Gregg’s “Princess Bitchface Syndrome”.

  3. Hi Nat… Yes, Princess Bitchface Syndrome is a great book but I found it aimed at adults. I like Find Your Tribe because it’s aimed at teens & such an easy read. You should get a copy for your girls! 🙂

    And Naomi, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s nice to meet you too. Hope you like both blogs. 🙂

  4. Just found this blog and loved the post.

  5. Thanks Tessa… glad you liked the post. x

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