Posted by: Natalie Hatch | October 4, 2010

More Holiday Reading

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

The cover of this book caught my eye, literally. The premise sounded interesting — Isabel is told she’s a shifter, an ancient being that has for centuries protected the royal family, but Isabel can’t remember who she is. Prince Rokan, the future king of the realm finds her deep in the Mistwood and brings her back to the castle to be his protector. The Shifter is able to change forms in a split second, from wolf to hawk to cat and back again in order to do what is necessary to keep the royal family safe. Only Isabel can’t. She can’t shift, she still has inhuman strength and speed, but there are things that just don’t seem right. She’s not supposed to feel sorrow or shame or joy, but everyday she finds herself  experiencing more human emotions. If she’s the Shifter of legend then something happened at the castle ten years ago causing a change that had never happened in thousands of years of existence. Isabel has to find out what it was and in the process discover who she can trust.  I did enjoy this book. Isabel is a complex character who is faced with conflicting loyalties, the more you learn about her the more you empathise with her situation. It was published in April, and has been on my TBR pile for a while, glad I read it.

Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn

Carrie Vaughn is a great writer who normally writes adult paranormal novels. Her best selling Kitty series is worth checking out. Voices of Dragons is her first young adult novel and I was intrigued by the storyline. When the atomic explosions stopped WW2 they also awoke man’s oldest predator, the dragon. From deep within the bowels of the earth dragons woke and arose to regain their supremacy above ground. Sixty years ago a truce was called and man and dragon have lived in separate areas of the world. That is until Kay Wyatt accidentally enters Dragon territory and meets one face to face. She finds out that dragons aren’t the man killing beasts of doom that her family has brought her up to believe.  Carrie’s done a fantastic job of bringing the dragon mythology into an alternative “now” setting. You can read the first chapter here.

Meridian by Amber Kizer

Amber is the author of One Butt Cheek At A Time, a book that I’ve been trying to get my hands on for a while. Her latest book “Meridian” is worthwhile tracking down.  All her life Meridian’s been surrounded by death and dying, from insects in her crib to small animals under her bed. On her sixteenth birthday she finds out that she’s a Fenestra, a sort of angel hybrid that opens the gate of death and allows others to pass on. But unknown to her, the Aternocti are out to get her, they want to steal her powers and use it for destruction. Meridian must find a way to protect herself while saving others souls. Meridian was released in August. I do love the red/black cover.

I’ve read other books this week, but these three are the best, highly recommend them. Now I’m searching for a light hearted read that doesn’t deal with weighty matters. Any suggestions?


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