Posted by: Natalie Hatch | October 19, 2010

Here Be Dragons

Oh my fav fantasy character ever – The Dragon. I fell in love with them when Anne McCaffrey transported my teenage brain to Pern and I bonded with the golden dragon Ramoth. My favourite dragon of all was the White Dragon – Ruth and his rider Jaxom. Loved the world building Anne put into her series, and so wished that dragons were real.

To my utter delight there have been a few YA releases in the past months that feature dragons heavily in the storyline. Such as Carrie Vaughn’s “Voices of Dragons” and “Firelight” by Sophie Jordan. I posted earlier about Carrie Vaughn’s book and highly recommend it. I wish it was longer, but I think there’s another book coming out soon (crossing fingers). Great cover art too.

So today let’s chat about Sophie Jordan’s book “Firelight”.  It reminded me at first of The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe (but without the heavy sexuality). Jacinda is a draki (a dragon that changes to human form to survive in the modern world). She is rare among her kind in that she is a fire-breather. Her fate is already determined, she is pledged to be married to the Alpha’s son, the heir apparent. When her rebelliousness almost costs her her life, Jacinta must flee with her family into the human world where her mother hopes to force the death of Jacinta’s draki side. Jacinta meets Will, a dragon hunter, I can’t tell you more than that without giving away spoilers.

I did enjoy the novel, it’s the first in a series. The ending, while satisfactory, didn’t answer all my questions. I’ll have to wait for the next book I guess.

Here’s the book trailer, check it out. It was a fast read, the characters are well thought out and it did remind me a lot of Shana Abe’s books which I happened to enjoy.


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