Posted by: Natalie Hatch | October 25, 2010

Fallen Series by Thomas Sniegoski

I found Thomas’s books on sale this week, couldn’t believe it, I’ve spend a few weeks searching for these books and my local Kmart had them. Yay. So I bought the four books and devoured them this weekend. And I must say I devoured them. 4 books/2 days. Loved it.

When Aaron turns eighteen he suddenly understands foreign languages including those spoken by his pet dog. Strangers start staring at him and a homeless man follows him where ever he goes. Aaron is a Nephilim, a hybrid, half man, half angel. And in the eyes of the Heavenly host an abomination they’ve been sent to earth to eradicate. Aaron doesn’t want to be different, he’d be quite happy to continue his life as per usual, though if Vilma would look his way once in a while that’d improve it immeasurably.

No such luck. He’s changing into a new creature, one with powers that may or may not condemn the world to eternal damnation. Lucky Aaron. With the Powers of Heaven (angels whose job it is to kill any Nephilim on sight) come looking for him, Aaron does the only thing he can and runs.

I can’t tell you more without giving away everything. And I so want to rave to you about everything in these books.

Thomas has done a superb job in bringing me into Aaron’s world. He’s built a believable back story and interspersed the whole four books with emotional depth that really makes for a good read. I liked the transition of Aaron and his friends etc through the four books. The description of the leader of the Powers was great and it was interesting to see that characters change as the story unfolded.

The Fallen series is available now. I’d recommend getting all four books (at the moment they’ve been published as 2 books in 1) before you start because once you sit down to read you’ll not want to come out of that world until you get to the satisfying end of book 4. And there’s talk of a book 5 coming out, but that won’t be for a while.

The books were released back in 2003/4 but I hadn’t seen them heard of them until recently. I definitely recommend them.  Fallen was made into a movie for television and guess who stars? Yes your very own vampire extraordinaire Paul Wesley! Stefan from Vampire Diaries. I am now on the hunt for a copy of the DVD


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