Posted by: Natalie Hatch | November 11, 2010

Excitement Plus!

Okay it’s a week until the next Harry Potter comes out and along with my teens I’m just a tad excited. It’s the second last installment in the amazing world of Harry and I’m a little sad thinking of the end. That being said I hope they do the book justice. And yes my teen is all Daniel Radcliffe ready. She thinks he’s cute. I can’t see it myself but well the world keeps turning I guess.

And other good news, Di Curran and I are finalists in the Romance Writers of Australia’s “STALI” contest (single title and loving it). We’ll find out later in the year if we win. I asked Di if we get Princess tiara’s no matter what, but she really wanted a new set of batwings, go figure. By the way this is the same competition that I came last in a few years ago, so it looks like my writing’s improved a little bit.

Kathy Charles’ book “Hollywood Ending” also known as “John Belushi is Dead” in the US has been optioned by movie producers. Congrats Kathy, it’s a great YA read and can’t wait to see what they do with it for the big screen.

Just a quick one today, I have a few reviews to write up and will post them up later on in the week.



  1. Well done Nat. You are on a roll. You will be published soon!!

  2. Thanks Elaine

  3. Wow Nat.. That’s awesome news about the competition. Good luck! xx

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