Posted by: Natalie Hatch | November 17, 2010

BloodThirsty by Flynn Meaney

Oh where do I start. First of all the cover! I saw this in my local Angus and Robertson book store and laughed. I had to have the book just because of the cover. It sets the tone of the book and the minute you delve into the pages you know you’re in for fun.

Being a teenage boy is hard, harder still if you have a helicopter mother and a twin who can do no wrong with the ladies. All Finbar Frame (yeah his parents did saddle him with that name and all the payouts he could ever want) wants is to survive high school without too much mental scaring and maybe, just maybe, meet a girl who won’t fall head over heels in love with his twin brother instead. When Fin moves schools he notices that all the girls are reading a trashy vampire novel called “BloodThirsty”. Fin’s got the white, sensitive skin, the brooding looks, and the awkwardness that all good vampires have these days. So putting two and two together Finbar Frame turns himself into a vampire. No not literally turns, just, you know, pretends sort of to be a vampire. And the girls dig it. Everyone gives him respect that he’s never had before. He’s always been the dorky brother of the jock. Now Fin is a ladies man and doesn’t know what to do with it.

I enjoyed reading this book. Finbar is a great character, totally obsessed with the opposite sex and willing to share his thoughts on life, women, and boobs. In that order. It pokes fun at all the stereotypical vamp novels/culture out there. From one small misunderstanding comes a bucket load of trouble, but it’s nothing Fin the Vamp can’t take care of.

BloodThirsty is published by HarperCollins and is available now.



  1. Read the description and I just had to get this book. I bought it yesterday and I’m already on page 153.
    Funny and awesome read for anyone in high school whether you like vampire stories or not.

  2. It’s great isn’t it? I love Fin’s voice, such a typical teen male trying to score with the ladies!

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