Posted by: Natalie Hatch | December 31, 2010

Happy New Years

Today is officially the last day of 2010, and looking back on it I can see a lot of projects completed, lots still to be done. I’ve accomplished some goals, let a few others slide by the wayside as bigger, brighter things came along. What about you? Did you achieve everything you set out to this year? Did you have a few set backs? Will you ‘reschedule’ other things for this coming year?

My major goals this year are

  1. knock over this edit and get it to the agent on time
  2. finish my half marathon preparation and complete the run
  3. tandem skydive without losing my lunch
  4. laugh more and enjoy time with my kids (this is actually my No.1 priority this coming year)
  5. get to as many writing conferences as I can
  6. firehoop! I’ve got the firewicks, just have to attach them and get the guts up to use the hoop. Flame On!

I am also looking forward to reading so many more great books from wonderful authors and posting up reviews.

Hope 2010 was good to you and that you’ll achieve all you set out to do in 2011.


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