Posted by: Natalie Hatch | April 20, 2011

More Easter Reading

Amanda Hocking – Trylle Trilogy

The idea of the heroine being a troll really didn’t appeal to me, and so this series has sat on my TBR pile for a long while. But this week I pulled them out and decided to give the story a go. Lucky for me! Amanda Hocking has taken an old idea and put a fresh new spin on it. Trolls (or Trylles in this story) are sent into the world as changelings to gather money for the rest of their society to use to survive. Most changelings don’t know they’re Trylle, but all eventually find their way home once their powers start emerging.

In Switched, the first in the series, our protagonist Wendy is more than just Trylle, one day she’ll be relied upon to save an entire race, but for today Wendy is just trying to get her temper under control and not end up kicked out of yet another school. Her day starts to look better as a new guy enrols in her class. Finn has that dangerous edge look to him and Wendy’s immediately drawn to him.

Amanda’s world building is intriguing, I wanted to know more and perhaps it might have bogged the story down too much with heaps of backstory but I would have enjoyed a bit more throughout. Other than that one complaint I did enjoy the series. Who said Trolls were ugly?

The Trylle series consists of Switched, followed by Torn, which continues Wendy’s story, and finally the showdown between good and evil in Ascend. I know they’ve been out for a while but you really should have a look at these books, great for a long weekend.

Kathy and Brendan Reichs – Virals

I’ve read a few of Kathy’s adult thriller novels and know that she won’t disappoint in the pacing and edge of your seat storyline, but Virals really felt only half of a novel. Sure the characters are in jeopardy and they’re coming to terms with the infections they now have but really it just felt like the pilot to a TV series. Perhaps that is what Razorbill have intended. It had a definite James Patterson feel to the story. Fast paced, the story rocketed along, and if you like mystery/thriller type novels this book is definitely for you. I would have liked to have had more time with the characters. Unfortunately I read this straight after reading Cassie Clare’s  City of Fallen Angels and so was still into the ‘romancy’ side of things. It’s a good read, and the science side of things was satisfying. If you don’t want romance/soppy guys being moody in the background, and heroines who actually can think for themselves then grab Virals.



  1. Thanks for the reviews Natalie,
    I’ve been intrigued about Hocking’s books since finding out she’d self-published them selling more than 100,000 copies. Pretty impressive stuff.

  2. MJ they were really well done. I had got them and then they were sitting on my pile to be read. I was glad I did, she doesn’t disappoint. I am amazed at her publishing story.

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