Posted by: Diane Curran | May 2, 2011

What’s on your bucket list?

A few years ago a movie called The Bucket List was released, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It was a great concept as I think many of us think about what we want to do before we die, but the movie lost it’s appeal for me the moment that the Morgan Freeman character woke up in hospital next to one of America’s richest men (the Jack Nicholson character), who would then go onto help him achieve everything on his bucket list. It’s not hard to do when money is no object.

But for the rest of us ordinary mortals…we have to work harder to achieve things on our bucket list. We can’t all travel at whim, and many of us need to budget and make items on our bucket list correspond with our disposable income. And we need to seize opportunity when it presents itself to us.

This year I’ve been doing things that have sat on my mental bucket list for a long time, and I’ve done things that I couldn’t even remember mentally noting on my list. But the moment I embarked them I remembered wanting to do that item a long time ago.

During the last few years of high school, one of my favourite TV shows was Australia You’re Standing In It. I enjoyed Rod Quantock’s monologues to the camera, and the crazy speech of Tim and Debbie, which friends and I quickly adopted, doing our own ‘Jim and Di-by’ speech at our year 12 school concert. Then I heard about Rod Quantock’s crazy Bus and Tram tours, and wanted to don a Groucho mask and follow the comedian with the megaphone and the rubber chook on a stick. But gradually those crazy tours were filed in the back of my mind, and I did not think about them again until I was flicking through the Comedy Festival program, and planning a weekend in Melbourne, and spotted the History of the Comedy Festival Walking Tour with Rod Quantock.

Guess what I did?

I donned the Groucho mask and joined Rod and Trevor the chook and a group of other people on a jaunt around Melbourne. It was great fun. The reaction on people’s faces to a bloke with a megaphone and a chook and 50 people wearing groucho masks walking into restaurants, Target, Subway…was just priceless.  And I found it astonishing how many people do not have a sense of humour. I guess these tours were a precursor to the modern flash mob. So that is one thing off the bucket list…and you know what?  I’d probably do it again.

At the beginning of the year, I joined a bellydance class. Learning to bellydance has been on my list consciously for many years, and now that I live closer to town, getting to a class seemed so much easier. Getting to the class is the easy part.  My muscles are creaking and groaning and sometimes the day after class, I am cursing the teacher for working us so hard. Last night, we went to the Middle Eastern Dance Festival concert. After the first two acts, Kylie asked me if I was feeling inspired. I was feeling inadequate.  Oh well, more practice is needed. But I’m still glad I joined the class…if only for the fact that I’ve met new people.

For the last few years, I hid away from the world. I hibernated. It was partly because I lived out of town, and partly because finances were so tight.  But now my circumstances have changed, and I’ve left the restrictions of that past behind. I’m back out in the world, and enjoying everything that life has to offer.

In one of my stories, Kat writes her list of things to do before she dies, but her list is very different to mine. I’m never going to put sky-diving on my list for a start. I don’t mind flying, but jumping out of  a plane…no way. It just isn’t going to happen.

It’s probably time that I rewrote my list (not that I can find the original one – it’s most likely buried on a dead hard drive).  But I know it was written at a time where my dreams were boxed in by circumstances and limited finance.  It’s time to dream again, to expand the list again. I’m open to possibility.

So, what’s on your bucket list?



  1. Sky diving is on my bucket list, and I was going to do it on my birthday this year but the floods happened, and well, that got put to the sidelines… but it’s still on there. Running a marathon is another of my bucket list specials as well as being able to complete the Crossfit workout FRAN (look it up, it kills, it kills hard, it kills everyone, gotta do it).

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