Posted by: Debbie Kahl | September 26, 2011

Extra special Amanda Ashby book giveaway for WLYA readers …

In addition to her interview on We Love YA, Amanda Ashby is giving one very special We Love YA reader the chance to win a copy of either Zombie Queen of Newbury High or Fairy Bad Day.

That’s right, the lucky winner will be able to choose which book they prefer, and she’ll even sign it for you! (NB: The signed copy is only available to residents within Australia. If you’re from overseas, you’re still welcome to enter – your book will come via the Book Depository.)

How do you enter? Well, it’s simple. Answer the following question by commenting below on the WLYA blog and Amanda will judge the best response. If your response is the lucky one chosen, then the book is all yours!

Amanda Ashby’s question is: Since I seemed to mention television quite a lot in my interview, I’d love to hear what your favourite tv shows are and why you love them so much.

Entries close at midnight on the 3rd October 2011, so get writing! And feel free to share this competition with anyone who loves YA books.



  1. Hmm I love television. I have a number of favorite shows and they are quite diverse. Forgive me this will probably be a long comment but oh well!
    My all time favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That love began when I was 15, I am not 23. I loved the show because of the blonde heroine and how she kicked major butt. Plus the witty one liners? Love them!
    Other favorites of mine include the Gilmore Girls. I love the mother/daughter relationship and how they talked so fast. I also heavily enjoy The Office and Parks and Rec. Sarcastic and funny? These are the best two shows for that.
    My last favorite is a reality. Forgive me please! It is Biggest Loser. I just recently realized I need to change my life style so I am trying to lose a 100 pounds and this show helps inspire me and is changing so many lives. It is amazing.
    Sorry for such the long comment! Amazing give away!

  2. Heather – any Buffy fan is a friend of mine! And congratulations on your quite to change your lifestyle. The fact that TV is helping you inspire to do that is very, very cool!!!!!!!

  3. Because I write at night, Amanda, my TV viewing time is heavily restricted.

    That said, I ‘make’ time for shows I love.

    The Good Wife, for the fabulous script writers & underlying tension in every episode.

    Rush, Aussie cop drama set in my home city, Melbourne. Very dark, very gritty, fab tension again!

    I used to never miss Castle, but the dragging out of the sexual attraction between Castle & Beckett really started to wear thin. Every episode started to feel ‘same old, same old.’

    If I’m in need of an eye-candy fix, Hawaii Five-O hits the spot 😉

  4. Hm, favourite TV show… I think I watch a good variety but my favourite show is probably going to have to be Full House. I grew up watching it and have seen every episode probably 10 times by now. Still, I love it.

    I know a lot of people find it way too corny, but I LIKE that about it. It’s a little Big Life Lesson sometimes, but it honestly has real friendships, relationships, humour, drama, etc.

    Besides, Michelle (in her younger days – she gets a little bratty towards the end) is adorable and STEVE (DJ’s boyfriend) makes me ridiculously happy whenever he appears on screen.

    Other favourites are: Buffy, American Idol, Biggest Loser (you’re not the only one, Heather!), the home makeover shows, Castle and so much more.

    Fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂


  5. Hi Amanda!!

    Don’t have a huge amount of time anymore with newborn twin boys. But I tape ALOT and replay it once they are asleep. For some reason they love TV and will not sleep as long as it is on. Must get it from hubby ;P

    My absolute fav shows:

    Supernatural..who doesn’t love buff young men and things that go bump in the night:)

    Misfits… a BBC show about kids who get superpowers through a lightning strike. LOVE IT.

    Doctor Who.. because I grew up with it and it’s like a warm blanket. And now I can pass it on to my boys.

    Torchwood…because of Capn Jack..enuff said 😉

    Kelly Ethan

  6. Nicola – I used to do all my writing at night as well before my kids started school (and actually I seemed to get more done back then – not sure how that works!) I so agree with you on Castle. It’s been a problem for all of these shows and of course everytime they think of fixing it, they all remember what happened in Moonlighting!!!

    Sonia – oh, I’ve not watched Full House in years, but I used to love it as well! And ditto on American Idol. I might have to start watching The Biggest Loser since everyone is recommending it!!!!

    Kelly – love all the great YA shows coming out of the UK. Misfits is awesome as is Skins and another coming of age show called The Inbetweeners. And yes, what’s there not to love about Sam and Dean. I love that the twins are TV boys!!!!

  7. I personally don’t want alot of tv but I do follow a few shows and my faves are sex and the city. I adore this series. Love the chemistry between all the characters there is someone for everyone to relate to. I also love love supernatural. 🙂 why? dean winchester. Enough said. Lol. It’s an amzing action packed show that very funny and eye candy.

  8. Oh Dean Winchester, Siobhan you’re right on the money. I get to watch very little these days, but I do tape Dr Who and Spicks & Specks.

  9. My ultimate favourite tv show was Buffy but for today I’m going with Supernatural. I think the reason why I love this show so much is because every ep offers a new storyline and adventure. You always have something to look forward to with each season they bring out. Plus it helps having two hot brothers leading the tv show!

  10. Siobhan – Yup, Dean is my guy. I’ve loved him since Dark Angel. I actually remember screaming at the TV telling Max she was an idiot not to get with him! And as for Sex and the City, we’re getting repeats over here right now and I’m loving it even more second time around!!

    Nat – I’m actually surprised that you manage to watch any TV with all the other stuff you have going on. Makes me feel a bit faint!

  11. Ok I’m throwing my 2 cents worth in (for what’s it’s worth). Jensen Ackles in Supernatural is a hottie, although Dean isn’t bad either. As is David Boreanaz as Angel (and Booth in Bones). Sadly, I do have a small thing for Xander in Buffy (I know, I know – that’s a bit sad. And even worse, there’s something about Spike towards the end of the series.)

    SATC is brilliant and I did the tour when I was in New York and LOVED it! Just fabulous!! One of the best things I’ve ever done.

    As for my favourite TV show of all time though, has to be Friends. (Sorry to disappoint all the Sci-Fi fans out there). I like them but Friends is my all time fave. I could relate to it with all my friends at the time and we were pretty much in the same place through those 10 years – which made it just that bit more entertaining. Oh, and I just had to visit the Friend’s building in NY when I was there, but I’ve now heard that Warner Bros in LA has the Friend’s couch & Central Perk set-up. Am madly saving my pennies to go over hols so I can at least see it once in my lifetime.

    I am aware of how sad I am but honestly, I don’t care! Life is nothing if you don’t do what makes you happy. 🙂

  12. Debbie – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Friends. I pretty much re-watch it ALL the time from season 1 – 10 and then start all over again. It is genius writing and characterization and I just never get sick of it! In fact I spend the whole time going ‘Rachel is my favourite. Oh, but isn’t Monica funny. And you can’t forget about Chandler…’ And so it goes on. The truth was that combined with a great script and direction, all of the actors were so amazing in it that it really was an extra special, totally amazing show!

    I do like Spike as well, though not the same way I love Angel (can’t get past the chin). But I hear you on dear Xander, surely the unsung hero of Buffy. Actually I had to answer a question the other day about what was my fav Buffy episode and when I managed to narrow it down to my top 3, Xander’s episode was one of them (though why did they always make him wear over-sized clothing? It was a bit of a waste)

  13. I love True Blood, Biggest loser and a daytime soap which shall remain nameless… but I’ve been watching it since I was 15, so I can’t not watch! LOL

  14. Teri – oh yes, True Blood. I liked the first two seasons and then couldn’t get into season three, but I’ll definitely try the next one! My mum has a secret addiction to Days and Bold and the Beautiful and gets very pissy if she forgets to tape them! I actually find it funny that I can remember so many characters on Days and I haven’t watched it in 25 years back when I was at uni! (Btw, I’m still smiling on your behalf!!!!!!!)

  15. Loved Dark Angel too 😉 And I like the actor who was in it that is now in NCIS. yummo.

    Another great show is Sanctuary on ABC. Amanda Tapping is in it…she of Stargate fame. And there was a show on ABC3 called Valemont late on a Tuesday night that was really good too.


  16. I’ll never quite get over losing Buffy, but my fav’ show at the moment is Dexter – okay he’s a bad boy, but I like that this guy knows how to clean up after himself (so rare these days).

  17. I love WAY too many shows to pick one.

    A new one I’m particularly loving at the moment is Awkward. About a 15 year old girl whose entire school thinks she tried to kill herself. (She didn’t, it was a huge misunderstanding). And now on top of all the normal teen girl stuff, crazy parents, friends, boys, mean girls – she has to deal with this too. It’s really funny. And I find a few things quite realistic. (You should all try it)

    But I am a total TV addict. I love so many shows. 😀

  18. Charmaine – it’s so hard to recover from the Buffy lose, though I’m excited about SMG’s new show, The Ringer. I never bonded with Dexter but people keep telling me to give it another go!!!

    Rhiannon – oh, I’ve not hear of Awkward but it sounds like my cup of tea! I’m off to Google it immediately!!!!

  19. I’m a hospital junkie – any, all, fiction or non. Otherwise it’s reality shows for me. I LOVE the human interaction – and the weirdos and sob stories and the happily (and not so…)-ever-afters… People can be very entertaining! (Stranger than fiction?) And these shows are amazing fodder for the Bank of Writers’ Ideas. 😉

  20. Buffy and Angel is still high on the list- who wouldn’t love to kick butt like they do! Fringe is also a total winner, I love seeing what mind boggling problem will spring up next. And you can’t go past Dexter, the serial killer any girl would fall for. But my biggest guilty pleasure is Cops, comedy, action and eye candy all rolled into one little package!!

  21. My favorite television show is Haven, a paranormal show about people with special abilities, and how the police help them with their afflictions while solving crime. I also love The Secret Circle about a group of teenagers that are witches. This has all the drama of highschool and being a teen with the problems of being orphans that lost a parrent to the craft.And third for this falls premiers is Ringer. It is about 2 sisters that are identical twins. One witness a murder and one fakes her own death. All three are awesome shows well worth a look

  22. Clare – I can do some hospital shows but on account of fainting at the sight of gore I spend most of my time hiding my eyes! My husband has become very good at telling me when to look again!

    Cecelia – I’ve only done the first season of Fringe and loved it (still not over my Pacey crush!!!!)

    Helga – Oh, I’m dying to watch The Secret Circle and Ringer. I know that Ringer is starting here soon. SMG has been away from TV for way too long!!

  23. I’m hanging out for the movie adaption of Ally Carter’s Heist Society series. It’s been optioned with Drew Barrymore as a director. Should be interesting.

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