Posted by: Natalie Hatch | January 2, 2012

Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby

Who here has not at one time or other snuck a peak at those trashy, awful gossip magazine just to get a glimpse of some hotter than hot star? I’m guilty, guilty, guilty. It’s not that I’m addicted to gossipy magazines for their glitz and glamour shots of stars in the latest outfits. No, no, no! I read them for the articles I assure you! It has nothing to do with that sneaky little feeling of pleasure I get from knowing what such and such looks like without makeup, and how what’s her name has now developed cellulite… nope, not me. I’m above all of those things.

But, if for pure research I do every now and again snatch the latest mag from the grocery counter and search quickly for those tabloid centrefolds of the latest celebrity in compromising positions/outfits/dancing/pimples/dimples/cellulite, then well it’s research. Pure and simple, research.

Allison Rushby’s latest novel “Shooting Stars” is set in Hollywood, featuring life from the other side of the camera. Paparrazzi get such a bad rap all over the world, but what do you think it’s like to be one. To be on the other side of the lens and have to stalk the ‘rich and beautiful’ in order to make your way in the world?

Shooting Stars gives you a glimpse into that world, and the magazine addict in me was more than satisfied at the end of the book. Of course there’s a hint of romance in here, you can’t have glitz and glamour without romance, but this book is much more than that.

Jo’s the youngest paparrazzi (zo) on the block, who can get into places other “zo’s” can’t. She’s trying to save up to send herself through photography school, to be a real photographer and not just some ‘hack’ zo who stalks the restaurants and gyms of L.A. in search of a quick shot at stars. And all she needs is that ‘one’ shot, the shot that will make her career, get her the money she needs and she’s done with the life of hiding behind garbage cans, etc. It just so happens that Ned Hartnett (super-hot-megastar-babe-magnet) would be the shot she needs. Unfortunately he’s gone into hiding, and Jo’s offered the best chance any paparrazzi could get, an all exclusive ticket to the ‘health retreat’ (insert rehab clinic) where he’ll be staying. All she has to do is pass herself off as another trouble teen, win Ned’s trust and get the shot. Sounds simple? What could go wrong?

Shooting Stars is published by Walker & Co. There are no paranormal elements here, just pure, unadulterated gossipy goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, totally different from the things I’ve been reading lately, but I couldn’t help get caught up in Jo’s world and seeing if she’d follow through with her desire to just get the shot. It’s coming out in Feb.2012, so keep your eyes peeled.


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