Posted by: Natalie Hatch | July 15, 2012

Winters Light by MJ Hearle

I have tried to find this book around town and finally got hold of a copy. I loved the first book Winters Shadow, and wasn’t disappointed with the next part of the saga. Though I would have liked the book to keep going, there are still answers I need and Michael hasn’t finished the story yet. But that’s okay, I’ll just have to wait for the next book. Oh and the cover doesn’t disappoint does it? How does MJ get such great covers?

So Winter is about to graduate, Blake is still gone, her heart’s broken. Life’s trying to go back to normal after the whirlwind  that was Winter’s Shadow, but Winter can’t seem to get herself back to normal. How can she, knowing that Blake is enduring endless pain, etc etc and she can’t save him from it?  When two Demories show up at her high school graduation and ttack her Winter’s thrown straight back into the dire world the Blake tried to protect her from.

I can’t give more information without spoilers, however I can tell you that I did get sucked back into Winter’s world, I found myself even understanding Sam and though I didn’t like him in the first book I did warm to him in this part of the tale. I found the twists and turns of Light to be good, they kept me hooked, however it took a bit to get back into this story, once I did I was glad I stuck around.

Can’t wait for the next one coming out next year.




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