Debbie Kahl

I’ve dreamt of writing YA and children’s fiction since I was a teenager and Sweet Dreams, Kelly Blake and Dolly Fiction cluttered my bookshelf. As a child, I loved losing myself in fairy tales by Hans Christan Andersen and creating my own stories. Luckily for me I’ve never really grown up (despite my birth certificate suggesting otherwise) and I’m still fascinated by anything childish.

In fact, as a desperate attempt to avoid the dreaded ‘grown up’ curse, I retreated back to school as soon as I could, convinced that spending time with young people would keep old age at bay. It’s a good thing I’m a complete nerd and have always loved school anyway, so it wasn’t that big an issue. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to have had any effect on the dreaded age curse, much to my disappointment.

Although the years are passing far too quickly for my liking, I’m still passionate about education and the opportunities it gives young people. This is something I try to achieve in my day job as an English and Japanese teacher, while trying to accumulate enough cash to go on another overseas adventure, or sadly (and more commonly) just pay my boring bills. It’s a good thing schools are a hive of activity because my days are never dull and I’m constantly bombarded with new ideas and characters for my stories, with a fictional twist of course! 😉

Inspired by the beautiful picture books my mum encouraged me to read as a child, I wish to recreate these magical story moments for a new generation of readers. I also aim to write contemporary fiction that is relevant and inspirational to teenage and pre-teen girls of today.

BB is my first tween manuscript, and it is in the rewrite/final edit stage. I’m also currently completing work on my second tween manuscript – JBK – as well as developing two sequels to BB and an unnamed YA novel on an exchange student living in Japan.

I’m also polishing a series of children’s picture books on shoes, in addition to my stand alone titles on hide and seek and fairy princesses, and studying for a Diploma in Professional Book Editing, Publishing and Proofreading, in between travelling the world and spending time with family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back and visit again soon. xx

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  1. My goodness, you are a busy little bee! I learnt more about you by reading this and I am glad I did!
    Japanese! I love Japanse people, I love the language, I want to learn more about that side of you. 🙂

  2. Awww, thanks Pen. Debbie does mean Bee in Hebrew, so it’s interesting you chose that reference for me. Your comment is so sweet but I just assume everyone knows this stuff. We’ll definitely have to catch up soon for a chat, and bring those babies along for a cuddle too! 🙂 xx

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