Kiki Lon

v-for-veganMy first career change occurred at age 3, when I decided that being a vet might not be the best idea after all. Since then, I’ve worked as a comic book seller, internet stock advisor, insurance cubicle bee, stunt double, actor, voice actor for a language CD, sausage seller, game designer, masseuse, clothes retailer, computer game tester, freelance comedian, waitress in a kimono, dog trainer, translator, chef and mailman.
Becoming a full-time author was really the only logical career move from there. When I am not imagining people in weird or hilarious situations or listening to the voices in my head, I play mahjong and board games, practice kung fu, learn languages, hone my Playstation and Wii gaming skills and go skiing, geocaching or hiking. All in the name of research, of course! 

i-dream-ofI live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, with my loving boyfriend and dominant cat.

I like to write about everyday people. Girls like you and me (or our best friends and worst enemies). The most important thing for me is for my characters to feel as real on the page as they are in my head. The only difference between my characters and reality is that my characters get up to way more cool stuff than I ever did!


My latest book is Enter The Parrot, which is coming out in June 2009.

Here’s a little blurb:

Meet Jade, the White girl in the Wong family.
On the surface, Jade fits in perfectly. But just below the surface lurks the fragrance of ginger, ginseng, and a secret kung fu society.When her crazy grandpa’s deluded parrot goes missing, Jade must dive deep into the seedy underbelly of Chinatown to find him, keeping secrets from her best friends and her cute eco-mentor, Cedric: aka the hottest guy in school.
She’ll need her wits about her to solve the riddle, especially when more than one bird goes missing. Could TF, the hot Chinese guy with the washboard abs, hold the key to the mystery?
One girl. One parrot. One ancient kung fu mystery.
Got kung fu?

My upcoming project, currently titled Totally Cooked, is in the final stages of revision.

Cupcakes are the new popular – not!

Set in competitive world of high school It-girls, TOTALLY COOKED is the story of one dance diva who dons an apron and braves the flames of Culinary Arts, the lamest class around, to save her fellow A-listers from eating disorder charges and ends up faking it on national TV.
When she falls for a bad boy vegan warrior, she suddenly goes from It to What?
Can you really have it all? And is it really what you wanted?

They let Gossip Girl in the kitchen. Big mistake.

Find me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or read my Twitter mini book reviews. Or if you wasnt more blogging goodness, my personal blog is at


  1. The blog looks great Kiki. Looking forward to seeing what you ladies get up to.

  2. My goodness Kiki, what a range of careers you’ve had! And roll one June.

  3. Awesome blog, Kiki! Can’t wait into your CR title is out, Enter the Parrot. I think I’ve told you before, but I’ll say it again, I love your book cover.

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