Natalie Hatch

When not running after naughty twin toddlers, battling angsty teens or having a deep and meaningful conversation with a four year old about life, love and trains, I am a writer of Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy.  The first chapter book I ever read was Susan Cooper’s “The Dark is Rising” (yes I know it was made into that horrible movie, don’t hold that against me) and my fate was sealed. My favourite authors are, in no particular order, – Terry Pratchett, David Eddings, Victor Kelleher, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Heinlein, John Scalzi, and so on.

I teach High School Science and HPE, and have been everything from a waitress to a sweeper of hair in a local hairdressers. I am passionate about the environment and making changes to improve our overall future.



  1. Love it Nat! Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Congrats on the new blog Nat.

  3. Oooh – yay – another Anne McCaffrey fan! I actually just recommended her to a teen reader yesterday!!!! I’m currently reading the new Raymond E Feist book and it’s awesome!!!

  4. Wow you sound like a battling heroine in your own life Nat. Have fun working on Girl Space Pirate – love that title!!

  5. Have fun with the new blog, Nat. Where’s your pic, btw?

    🙂 Mon

  6. Nat, you are the only other person I’ve ever known who rates Robert Heinlein as a favourite author. I just finished The Man From Mars for the millionth time!

    Great new blog!


  7. I haven’t read that one, but love Have Spacesuit, Will Travel, and of course Starship Troopers. Very cold war type feel but I think the man was a genius. I’ve been having an argument with a few people who seem to think that women don’t like SciFi. I love it, want to read more of it.

  8. Starship Troopers has pride of place on my bookshelf. Haven’t read the other one, but oooo am going to have to get my grubby hands on it. Sci Fi was my first reading love really. One of my fave authors is John Wyndham, I love that era of writing when anything was possible.

  9. Dear Natalie Hatch,

    the German publishing house Carl Hanser Verlag is going to publish the book “Dinosaur Knights” by Michael Gerard Bauer. We would like to ask you a question. It would be very nice, if you could contact me as soon as possible. Thanks a lot!

    Best regards
    Claudia Bürgers
    Advertising Department
    Carl Hanser Verlag

  10. hey hun!!

  11. Hi Kaj.

  12. Natalie,

    Forgive this odd way of contacting you, but it was the only thing I could find. I am working on a book project with the folks at Magical Words, a blog you have visited in the past. Would you please contact me at igmseditor (at) yahoo (dot) com at your soonest opportunity?


    Edmund Schubert

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