Steph Bowe

I’m a fifteen-year-old YA author represented by Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown. My debut novel will be published by Text Publishing in Australia & New Zealand in September 2010.

I blog about reading & writing YA fiction at Hey! Teenager of the Year and live in Victoria, Australia. I’ve been published in Indigo and WQ Magazine. I was a judge of the 2009 Inkys. You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads and YouTube.

I am absolutely thrilled to be blogging here at We Love YA!


  1. Nice new shiny page. I’ll add your shiny new website to our list, Steph! And we’re thrilled to have you blogging here too!

  2. NO. WAY. garden gnomes? i can’t wait. we used to go ‘gnome stealing’ for fun in high school…(true story).

    love the page. sorry i disregarded comment instructions. 🙂

  3. Welcome, welcome. Like your hat, I need a photo with a hat, Di who’s got my hat?

  4. Welcome to the gang, Steph!

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