Posted by: Natalie Hatch | April 5, 2010

Happy Blogiversary!

It’s been a year since WeLoveYA started. We’d like to thank all our guests who have so kindly answered our questions and helped us give away lots of books.

To start the party week I’m giving away the Maurice Gee “Salt Trilogy”. Yep, that’s right, those books! Courtesy of Text Publishing. To enter just tell us the name of  your current favourite Young Adult novel right now (I keep changing my mind the more I read).

And to kick us off into a funky blogiversary I’d like to share my current favourite song to Hoop to… Take it away Wild Cherry.

Look at the hair! Afro city! Still a really good song! Going hooping!



  1. Oh isn’t that so funky!!! Happy blogiversary!!!

    Favourite YA – hmmmm….the last one I read was Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, which i thought rounded off the series nicely.

    Though I must say I loved Amanda Ashby’s ‘Zombie Queen of Newbury High’ and have read two of Allison Rushby’s ‘Living Blonde’ series.

    Hmmm… I better get onto more YA reading.

  2. Play that funky music Eleni! I’ve read a few of Allison’s books, they’re very sharp witted which I like in my heroines.
    There’s tonnes of great new YA books coming out in the next few months, we need to get cracking and read more.

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!!! Well done to you all for the wonderful effort you’ve put in for the past year. I haven’t been reading for the full year but for the months that I have, the posts here are some of best I’ve done in the blogger-sphere! 🙂 Here’s to another year of reading, writing and funky times!

    I’ve read a few amazing reviews for the Salt trilogy. I haven’t read any of Maurice Gee’s books as yet, but I plan on changing that soon.

    I just won the fabulous Luxe series from this blog so if I can’t enter this, that is seriously no problem. My favourite YA book at the moment… oh so tough. I got hooked on both The Hunger Games and Vampire Academy series last year and they’re in my top 3-of-all-time fav YA books. LOVE! So excited for next month when Spirit Bound is released!

  4. I meant the best I’ve *seen* in the bloggersphere. Sorry, OCD setting in LOL

  5. oh I so wanted to read Luxe, congrats on winning that series Brodie.

  6. I don’t think it is possible to pick just one favourite. How can you really compare? I really enjoyed the Hunger Games and Vampire Accademy too. Seriously just when I think I can’t be more in love with a series another one comes out that challenges my loyalties all over again.

  7. Happy birthday to us! It’s been a fabulous year.

    Nat, I can’t enter the comp, of course, but I can still spout about one of my fave YA books of the year—THE ABCs OF KISSING BOYS by Tina Ferraro. She comes up with the best titles, I tell you. A fab read and it’s also up for a RITA Award.

    Brodie, I sent your Luxe books today. Keep an eye out for that postie!

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